Worship Service

Our worship service takes place at 11:00 on Sunday afternoon at the Church Centre of Cachet. The Church Centre (a house building) is situated on the NWU Potchefstroom Campus – the last house on your left before you exit the main gate of the campus.

We believe this service to be a holy meeting with God. During the service, four distinct moments can be identified. These all serve the end of the meeting, worshipping, honouring and serving the Lord during the service. The main moments are:

1. Meeting each other and God:

We meet the Lord and each other by singing a song in which we humbly declare our dependence on God. When we near God with this humble spirit He greets and blesses the congregation in the form of a blessing from Scripture being read by the person leading the service. This greeting and blessing are received by the congregation with a song of praise. The last part of this meeting consists of the congregation confessing their faith together – from one of either the creeds or confessions that are mentioned earlier.

2. Humbling ourselves before God and treasuring our reconciliation with Him:

During this part of the service, the congregation acknowledges how big a disgrace their sin is to God. The realisation that we can never meet His requirements brings us to the confession that it is only by His grace that our guilt can be removed. Again through Scripture, the congregation is served by the truth that they are reconciled to God, not because they met the requirements themselves but because Jesus Christ, the Son of God, did.

3. Bowing before the Word of God:

We start by praying that God will guide us through His Spirit when we work with the Holy Scriptures. This is of crucial importance seeing that we are convinced that, due to our sinfulness, we will abuse the Word if God is not gracious and works through His Spirit to let us bow to the truth. After the prayer, we read from the Word. The text that was read is then preached from by the minister.

4. Answering wholeheartedly on all of the above:

The congregation answers on all that their Lord did and asks during the service, at the end of the service by praying and singing together.